Passive AI Patch Notes

We are aware of the User Interface Bugs, we are aiming to have all of the issues resolved by the 7th of December.

Please Note: The operation of the trading bots is not dependent on what is seen within the User Interface.

Patch Notes 0.02

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs. Any time a new platform launches, there's always a list of bugs that need to be fixed. We fought hard against some of them, but with the help of our community, we were able to find and fix all of them within just a few days.

Here is the list of bugs we were able to squash:
• 500 error
• Entry error for the BitGet exchange
• Entry lots/amount according to leverage
• Principle entry on the bot panel according to leverage
• Trade status glitch
• Terms & conditions 404 error
• Impulse bot lock out glitch
• Broken support link within verification email
• Broken percentage & leverage scroll dials

Service Upgrades
• Automation of Impulse bot enrollment after purchase via FIAT on InvestiShare website, no more 24 hour wait times.
• Adjustment to the panel badge appearance to make it easier to read for users.

Patch Notes 0.01

Passive AI's recent launch came with its fair share of glitches; however, our military-grade security protocol was put to the test within moments of going live. The Passive AI website endured a DoS attack (Denial-of-Service), which is designed to make a machine or network inaccessible by flooding it with requests. This initial attack was likely meant to weaken our security in preparation for their next move: an XSS, or 'virus injection'attack. Their goal is to access our Coinbase Token and reroute any associated payments into their own wallets.

Please note: that our security protocol is very costly, and it would take a significant amount of money to override the system (roughly $500,000 per hour on servers). Additionally, there is a security measure in place so that no sensitive data can be accessed or stolen. We also provide lessons on how to improve your own personal security measures so that you don't have to worry about API withdraws in the future.